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Another really useful radio from one of our suppliers. We have been selling tough hand-held radios for the marine band and security industry for quite a long time, and a number of our customers have quite specific requirements.


These radios also can transmit digitally, and encrypted - and while GCHQ and the CIA could probably listen, this is beyond the ability of ordinary people. These radios can be considered to be totally private by most users. I have tested them and have not been able to eavesdrop at all!



These radios operate on the VHF frequencies. A licence is required, which can be obtained on-line and costs £75 for 5 years ( Business Radio Simple UK)


These radios will then be programmed by us with any of the usual channels, plus others that will be secure.


I have heard local users call their own staff and tell them the office is unlocked and they won't be back until mid afternoon. This is unacceptable and very risky. Arrival and departure times, passwords and even PIN numbers get sent over radios that anyone with a boat style radio could hear!


So many schools are using cheap and easily compromised radios. Blindly passing information to staff at lunch breaks and playground times, the information sent is often without any thought for people listening in. The names of students who will be leaving to go to the dentist, and messages that keys have been left under plant pots. Other personal details, including details of vulnerable pupils is sent totally forgetting enthusiasts can be listening in


These radios will also help those concerned about GDPS - where personal and identifiable data has to be kept secure.


For on site and local area use the performance is identical to normal hand-held radios. Encryption is rarely applied on the normal radio channels, so these radios could be really useful - schools, colleges, hospitals and general security are applications that come to mind. If you need to be able to speak to your local users, in private - these will be very handy. If you have multiple radios it is also possible to put users into groups, although with less than 4 users, this is usually not required.








We will programme any combination of channels once we know what you need. If you have other VHF radios, we can also include these channels in the programming - the radio can cover up to 16 channels in the range 136-174MHz.




Technical Specifications


CD-ZL2 Specification


Frequency Range                          136-174mhz

Operating Voltage                          7.4V DC

Channel                                         16

Battery Capacity                            1200mAh

Antenna Impedance                      50Ω

Working Temperature                    -20℃~+55℃

Channel Spacing                          12.5KHz/25KHz

Frequency Stability                        ±2.5ppm

Size(without antenna)                   116x54x35mm

Transmitter Output Power             5W

Current                                          ≤2.5A

Modulation Mode                          16KφF3E/11KφF3E

Maximum Frequency Deviation     ≤5KHz/≤2.5KHz

Spurious Radiation                        ≤7.5uW

Spurious Modulation                      ≤ -35dB

CTCSS Frequency Deviation         0.75KHz/0.35KHz ± 50Hz

RF Sensitivity                                ≤0.35uV

Silent Sensitivity                            ≤0.2uV/≤0.25uV

Audio Power                                  ≥750mW

Audio Distortion                             ≤ 5%

Modulation Receiver Bandwidth    ≤8KHz

Spurious Rejection                         ≥55dB

Selectivity                                       ≥65dB

Inter-modulation                             ≥60dB


inc 1st Class postage

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