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This is an YJT W 318 10W high output, waterproof VHF  hand held radio. We had some specially ordered for a customer and we've bought more as they are so useful. They are a heavy radio - very solid and well made, so they will survive professional use. They are IP67 rated so water is not a problem, although these being solid radios, do not float!


They cover the VHF marine band frequencies and have knob selected channels - up to 16. They need to be programmed so it is easy for us to add ONLY the channels you need. The OFCOM rules allow for marina use of radios on a small number of channels by people who have not passed their short range radio test, so these could be available for use in a marina where users can only talk to designated other radios and might not have access to the local port channels, or coastguard etc. They could be given to safety staff who just need reliable communications with a control point, and subject to licences (which we can arrange) radios could perhaps have the marina channels, plus a business radio channel in the VHF band. Price wise they're excellent value and make radio use economic, compared with full price marine band radios. They can be programmed to cover 136-170MHz and have 25KHz or 12.5KHz channel settings. CTCSS tones are available if required AND the radios can have an effective scrambler enabled making reception by scanners and other unwanted listeners very difficult. It would be possible to have one of the channels with scrambling and another without, just in case you require privacy. This also enables compliance with GDPR regulations if you need to pass names and addresses in a message.


These radios MUST be programmed by us before order. Marine, Business or a mixture can be allocated to each of the 16 channels - and the radios announce each channel when set - handy in the dark, or inside a pocket.


Not a radio for the casual boater - but for clubs and associations, or groups of individuals, they're idea and cost effective.


A small number in stock, more on the way. Price includes 1st class Royal Mail signed for delivery.



Ideal for Coast Watch - channels programmed to order Call or email for information.



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