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The portable low band (66-88MHz) radio has been really popular - we underestimated the interest in low band, and we discovered Retevis produce a low band version of their VHF radio. Now we can also supply the TYT version of the radio - the difference is simply the badge on the front!


It's a very practical radio - and is very small, so ideal for vehicle mounting. 5 programmable function buttons, volume and a larger channel change mean that we can if you wish program the radio for you and you have the full UK amateur band up and running immediately.


 Oddly, full programming can also be done from the radio itself, so plenty of options.


It also has power levels up to 60W - so is a very powerful radio - the front panel has a sticker that warns of high temperatures - all these radios use the case as a heat sink - so ideal for the winter!.


If you want a 4m radio - without any computer involvement - this is ideal.


We're noticing very variable supply times, so with 70MHz being very popular - having two different, but identical radios eases the supply issue.


We have also sold a number of Low Band systems to Rally and Military groups - who still use Low Band

Price includes 1st class signed for delivery by Royal Mail


Main Functions:

  Frequency Range:  VHF 66-88MHz

*  Output Power: VHF: 60W/25W/10W

*  1750Hz Tone *  CTCSS/DCS setting & scanning

*  0-9 SQL grade setting *  Frequency/Channel scanning

*  High/Mid/Low power selectable *  Voice compander

*  Repeater offset shift *  Keypad lock function

*  Contact book *  Battery voltage display

*  DTMF/2 tone/5 tone *  ANI ID

*  Remote kill/ stun/ activate/ revive *  Emergenvy alarm

*  Wide/Narrow band setting *  TX inhibit

*  Busy Channel Lock-Out *  Channel name editing

*  Reverse frequency *  Talk around

*  Scrambler(Optional) *  Voice prompt

*  Time-out Timer *  Auto Power off

*  VFO step setting:5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25/50kHz


Specifications: TH-9000




Frequenvy Range  VHF 136-174MHz

Channel Capacity 200

Channel Spacing 5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50KHz

Freruency Stability 2.5ppm

Operating Temperature -20°C ~ + 60°C

Operating Voltage 13.8V DC ± 15%

Dimension(HxWxD) 145mm x190mm x47mm

Weight(with bracket) 1200g




Reference Sensitivity 0.25V / 0.35V

Operating Bandwidth 60dB#12.5KHz /70dB#25KHz

Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60dB#12.5KHz 70dB#25KHz

Inter-modulation Rejection ≥60dB/ ≥65dB

Spurious Response Rejection ≥70dB

Rated Audio Response +1-+3dB

Rated Audio Distortion <5%

FM Hum&Noise ≥40dB#25KHz /≥45KHz #12.5KHz




RF Power 60W/25W/10W(VHF)

Frequency Modulation 11kΦF3E / 16kΦF3E

Modulation Distortion <5%

FM Noise ≥36dB#25KHz /≥40KHz #12.5KHz

Adjacent Channel Power ≥60dB#12.5KHz /≥70KHz #25KHz

Audio Response +1-+3dB

Audio Distortion <5%





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