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Radio Systems continued

The emergency services use expensive radio systems that offer a level of encryption that means that while decoding it is technically possible, only very large agencies would have the processing power required. To all intents and purposes these communications are secure. More modest systems can if required offer encryption, but the extra cost may be difficult to justify. Organisations need to show they have taken steps to protect the information that they control. The requirement for licenses, possible action under existing legislation and the removal of the chances of interception by a casual listener are good indicators that data security has been considered.

Nowadays, with the internet so embedded in everyday life, enthusiasts share information. As a result, many less technically competent people may become aware of the location of radio users. To prevent this information becoming too common, radios should be reprogrammed at intervals to defeat these casual listeners.

Our systems do NOT include PMR446 equipment. It is so easy to intercept that in our opinion it is not suitable for any form of business radio. As an example, for less than £30, a sports shop owner could monitor a national sports shop chain in their area, keeping track of what items are being collected from the stock rooms – an easy way to find out what is popular. Coffee shops, and other similar stores are sharing their day to day activities with everyone, in a publicly unprotected band – madness!

The actual OFCOM radio licenses are not expensive – it just needs a business to appreciate the differences and how common interception actually is. For many businesses, the impact of casual listening is unimportant, but if you ever discuss when you will be going to the bank with the days takings …………………….

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