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East Anglian Radio Services Wireless since 1980
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We will look at your needs, potential issues and premises and produce recommendations as to the types of radio system that will be most appropriate and work with you to set a realistic budget for the project and working timescale. We will select your license type and apply for licenses as appropriate on your behalf. A turnkey system from inquiry to handover.

Professional Radio
Schools & Colleges
Business Premises

We will visit your site and carry out a survey that will reveal how resistant to interception your communications are. If required we will monitor your communications practices and identify possible security lapses. Prices depend on distance and time on site. After wards we produce a report highlighting good and bad practice and detailing potential solutions that may assist compliance with existing legislation.

Security Audits
Simple Systems
Secure Systems
Event Running Services

We offer a number of hire packages from smaller systems suitable for local events through to longer hires up to a year in length. Prices depend on length of hire and the equipment selected. All our packages can be securely delivered to your location.

We can, if required, also provide key people to operate the systems for you - handy for events where an experienced controller is required.

Radio Hire Packages Which package is right for you?

There may be no need for the ultra-sophisticated and complex encryption that would be necessary for the security services or Government agencies - when what is needed is a more modest system capable of preventing casual reception by scanner users and radio enthusiasts. When we say secure - we just need to ask ourselves ‘How Secure do we need to be?’

Communicate Reliably and Securely Programming