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The Socotrans RS-510MG -  A budget price, but highly specified Class A marine radio, ideal for installation on small fishing vessels and larger leisure vessels. The 25W RF output maximises range and the larger operating panel allows operation with gloves.


In addition the radio is GPS enabled and will display your position on the display. Class A radios have two separate radio systems for safety - one is the usual voice radio, but they have a separate DSC AIS system so this radio comes with a small GPS antenna, but requires TWO VHF antennas for normal operation as one is used for voice and the other provides the digital data so they can work at the same time. Non-Class A leisure radios must stop listening every so often to send out their data to other vessels. As a consequence, they send their data less often. A commercial vessel needs to report it's location more frequently, hence the requirement for two antennas.


The Class A radios also offer more facilities to increase safety - they have extra modes to enable ATIS ID Programming. They can send Distress Calls, Individual Calls, Group Calls, All Ships Calls, Position Request Call/Polling Request, Call Test, Call Medical Transport, Call Ships and Aircraft Calls.


They can also be set to relay other vessel's digital distress calls - a feature not allowed on leisure radios.


The radio has two modes of operation - basic, which enables normal voice operation and the emergency button, or you can use the keypad to access the secondary systems such as waypoints, routes and the emergency system. Clearly this should only be attempted by trained and competent operators - but the facility is built in.


These radios are exceptionally well priced for such a highly specified product - but supplies will be limited.


Delivery is expected soon.

SOCOTRAN RS-510MG VHF Marine Transceiver IPX7 Waterproof Mobile Radio Class A DSC with GPS



Waypoint Recording Function, you can navigate to a waypoint and display the distance

Electronic Compass Function.

Manual Input or GPS derived GPS Latitude and Longitude and time

Standard NMEA Interface (RS-422 Protocol)

Channel Number Display Digits Selectable: 3 Digits(01B)/4 Digits(2001)

Support Latest Marine Channel Standards and DSC Protocol Standards

FM Radio Function (76MHz-108MHz)

Distress Call Forwarding Function

ATIS Function

Speaker Vibration Draining Function

Dual/Tri-watch Functions Scan:

Normal Scan and Priority Scan


General Specification

Frequency: TX: 156.000-162.000MHz,

RX: 156.000-163.425MHz

RF Power: 25W/1W

Modulation Mode: 16K0G3E(FM), 16K0G2B(DSC)

Frequency Stability: ±10PPM

Operating Voltage: DC13.8V (±15%)

Channel Spacing: 25kHz Operating Temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Output Impedance (Audio): 4Ω

Dimensions(W×H×D ): 208×98×115mm

Weight: 1050g





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