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Our star rating system should help you decide which radios are most appropriate for you – and if you are still stuck, email or call us for friendly, helpful and unbiased advice.


A packed feature set does not make a product better – each feature needs to have a benefit, or the feature is pointless. Our star system on features relates to the benefits the features give you. For instance a 2000mAh battery pack in itself means very little – what is important is when it makes the radio last longer between charges. Like mobile phones, a smaller battery pack may well mean it needs charging more regularly. I you need a radio to last a 12 hour shift, a flat battery after 8 hours is an inconvenience. We try to match each radio to our 1-5 star scale, concentrating on genuinely useful features.


This is a tricky one – common sense says that toughness is important. Radios get mistreated. Dropping is probably the most common problem. While all radios can be put in cases, this often means difficulty in using them. Some radios can be toughened up, but inevitably, these radios are heavier and perhaps more chunky in size. As some of the radios are actually very cheap to buy, a smaller radio that is more convenient, fits in the pocket and is light in weight could be the most appropriate, even though if it is dropped it may crack. These cheaper radios, when dropped or crushed in a pocket may crack, or perhaps pop the battery off the radio, breaking the catch. Remember your guarantee doesn’t cover you breaking the radio. However, for some uses, the cheap radios can be used as disposable. Oddly, all our radios, even the cheaper ones, now use lightweight cast chassis’ that protect the electronics and make them pretty tough. Reliability across the range is now extremely high – better than it has ever been. Traditionally the key brands for reputation – Motorola, Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood and a few others were considered reliable, and the others weren’t, but things are changing. China’s electronics is excellent quality now, and many of the well known brands are now having their products manufactured in the far East.

We have been sourcing products from China and Malaysia for a number of years now and they have an excellent reliability record. We have been honest and given each product a genuine rating. Remember to balance the rating against the price.

Sound Quality

This is really important. There are two aspects to consider. The audio quality and the available volume. In general, bigger radios tend to have a more mellow sound, while the smaller types have by necessity, a smaller speaker, so sound a little ‘thin’. Radios do not require a ‘hi-fi’ sound – low bass makes the sound more muffled, and an extended treble response can be quite uncomfortable, especially when using headphones or ear-pieces. Most radios therefore gently remove the low bass and the high treble. Microphones are also a potential problem. Many of the radios are splashproof – so they can survive a little rain. NOT waterproof, as in being able to survive being dropped into water. We do specific marine radios that can manage this as using a radio on water makes dropping potentially terminal! Most radios have tiny holes under which, the microphone lurks. This can make the audio a little weak sounding, and is also considered in our star system – receive and transmit audio being jointly given a rating. Where a radio has extra volume, this will be detailed separately, as loudness is different from quality of sound.

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