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Do you use radios?

Are you aware people listen in?

Does it matter?

If you are an employer, a school or college or anyone concerned with the care of children and vulnerable people then it matters - both morally and legally!

Many businesses and organisations are aware that the Data Protection Act means care has to be taken with personal data, but using common radio equipment could mean you are allowing unauthorised access to critical information.

We provide solutions that work and are very cost effective.

Security is important - read all about it



Digital & analogue radios from a wide range of manufacturers at price points to match all budgets. Cost is no loonger a barrier to quality.

more We honestly review all our products  so you can buy or hire with confidence high quality personal touch Specialising in radio with a Your Way. COMMUNICATIONS. Digital Radio is Here

Digital radios offer huge advantages over traditional walkie-talkie style radios. Voice quality is consistent, no more noisy or hissy messages - Digital radios also allow you to offer your users useful extra features. Each radio has an individual identity, and many radios have a display similar to a mobile telephone that show you who is calling, and if you missed any calls. Some can send text messages too! They don’t have to be complicated - many can be a simple direct swap for your old radios, have no extra controls or work in any way differently - you just benefit from the consistent quality. As they can be programmed to suit your needs you can expand, offering more features as you need them.

What can we do? Latest News What are the benefits?

Modern radios do so much more than just let you talk ……………

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Features and Benefits Digital Radio   DMR & dPMR systems  with full programming Digital Radio