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We are not a communications business! We are a business who use radio communications in everything we do. We are active in the television, theatre, radio and recording industries and need reliable communications in everything we do. We use radio microphones, radio links and walkie-talkie type radios every day, so we know what is good, what is bad, and where money can be saved - from experience!


We also have considerable experience in education - providing training and learning services.

This is one area we are concerned about - and are amazed at the amount of radios used in schools, colleges and hospitals where almost everything that is said over the radio could compromise personal privacy and have potential legal issues if unauthorised eavesropping was carried out.

Few users of radio equipment understand the ease and simplicity of listening in to conversations that should be private. We can help by replacing these systems with ones that are more resilient to casual listening by strangers.


Why choose East Anglian Radio Services?

Service is the key feature - what you are really paying for is our expertise in solving problems, and then buying the right products for your needs. We will design the radio system, and then programme and test it so it does what you need. We will install equipment manage the licenses for you and be the authorities first contact point if you wish.

How it works:

We find out what your needs are, establish a budget and then source the equipment for you. We then install it, programme it with your specific needs, and then train your key people to get the best out of it. All the programming code will be kept so that if you want more equipment in the future there will be an upgrade path available.

You get a complete start to finish package - we are NOT box shifters1

Professional radio products with  security options if required.

Hand-held, mobile or desk based equipment to let you communicate reliably and efficiently - low/no running costs apart from a license, and equipment at a range of prices to suit the job. Coverage areas from small sites to large areas perhaps covering a large town. A simple radio to radio system, or a complex system with dozens of users, and radios with screens that show who is calling with text messaging facilities


Some radio systems can be purchased that are easily eavesdropped by casual listeners. Others are more difficult for an accidental intercept, while others have a higher resistance to being intercepted. It is also possible to encrypt the transmissions making reception for even a dedicated eavesdropper much less likely. Depending on your needs a medium level of protection may be all you require to meet the requirements of the various laws that impact on handling sensitive information.

Security Hi. I’m Paul Johnson. We can help you communicate Reliably, effectively and most Importantly - securely  Always with the Personal Touch Read our detailed explanation of this - click here …………. security-audit Information